Buckin' Bronco

Are you ready for the ultimate cowboy challenge? Mount the steed of your choice and hold on tight for the ride of your life! Each bronco makes its way spinning and gliding back-and-forth on a 20,000 lb. disc, as it goes hurtling at break-neck speeds across the 80 foot horseshoe-shaped coaster! If that ain’t gonna scare ya, ain’t nothin’ gonna scare ya!

Cost to Ride

Unlimited Access With Wristband
3 Tokens Required / Rider

* All Prices Include Tax (See Prices)

Who Can Ride

  • Riders must be 48" tall
  • 250 lb. Max Weight per person

Other Important Details

  • No loose articles (hats, phones, etc)
  • Footwear must be securely fixed - No flip flops
  • Persons with pregnancy concerns, heart, back, or neck problems, or any other serious medical conditions must not use this ride
  • Users must have capacity to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • All riders are responsible for safely securing all bags, cameras, and other personal belongings
  • Cultus Lake Adventure Park will not be held responsible for any loose, falling, lost, stolen, or damaged belongings
  • All riders assume Risks of Injury, sickness, and liability associated with this ride and the premises