Blastin' Barrels


This explosive mini-coaster ride is reminiscent of a real mine shaft rail that whizzes and spins you along in barrel-shaped carts blasted and scattered through the abondanded mine shaft left to us by the fabled Giggle Ridge Mine Company. Its a great starter coaster for the youngins' to be sure... but it ain't for 'faint-of-heart' elders neither!

Cost to Ride

Unlimited Access With Wristband
2 Tokens Required / Rider

* All Prices Include Tax (See Prices)

Who Can Ride

  • Riders 36" to 42" tall must be accompanied by a paid adult rider
  • 250 lb Max weight per rider
  • Keep arms and legs inside the cart at all times
  • Failure to follow riding instructions will result in loss of riding privileges

Other Important Details

  • Use this ride at your own risk!
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Not suitable for persons with medical conditions
  • Users must have capacity to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • No food or drink allowed on this ride